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I have no idea what direction my photography is going towards.
One minute I’m photographing girls in knee length skirts and turtle necks, next I know I’m photographing girls in bikinis. 
I like the delicate sophistication of conservative clothing, but also the carefree lifestyle like images of the beach babe world.
What to do what to do.
Anyways, here’s a new one from today (bikini related, you’ll see).
Me looking for my life. I couldn’t find it.
I really like my new camera
$5000 Replica - 1973 Elvis Presley Arabian Suit (with American Eagle belt)
Jocelyn C - Nous Model Management
MUA: Taylor Pancake
The past two days have been exhausting! But it was very worth it.
Kendall Marie G
Paradise Cove Malibu
Love Piper Swimwear 
It was raining in La this morning. 
Sydney Schafer - Nous Model Management
MUA: Youbin S
Hair: Gellisa F
Wardrobe: Kevin Jo
Assistants: Michael L & Artem A
Labor Day
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