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Greta J @ Nous Model Management

MUA: Youbin Song

Secretly in pain from walking too much.

Road the worlds largest observation wheel, followed by motion sickness, and projectile things. (I don’t even drink)

Comped top floor pent house for Magic Market Week LV 🙏

Lip check before we get dropped into oblivion


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I’ve been super swamped with school work and shoots. But here’s a new fave! 

There’s a lot more -

People were pretty surprised when I told them I was shooting with a Canon 6D (They’re used to me shooting with Nikons for digital work.) But honestly I don’t care what kind of camera I have in my hands. I’m not biased.

The feel of this camera and quality is pretty great. It just made me realize that I either need to start working out because that camera + 24-70mm is heavy (to me). lol